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Solar Power is a free and unlimited source of energy that descends upon the earth in abundant quantity to meet the entire energy needs of mankind. Solar Power a natural and endless source; provides you with enough energy to power all your needs in a sustainable manner with little or no reliance on fossil fuel based energy. Use of Solar energy is no more a luxury and is also so wide spread these days ranging from calculators and watches to airplanes. The day when solar energy becomes the biggest source of energy for the world is not very far away, and NRES takes pride in helping you take that first step towards achieving energy sustainability through generating your own Solar Power.

NRES understands the Importance of maintaining the Integrity of your rooftop. From structural engineering through component sourcing, installation and maintenance, our team members are the best in the industry, with experience of multiple rooftop solar installations completed till date. Our team of experts will deliver you the best solar solution that you can be proud of.

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